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Happy Chinese New Year!!!

This year 2015, Chinese New Year begins on February the 19th and ends 15 days later.  2015 is the Year of the Goat.  

Goat 2015

Happy Lunar New Year... the year of the goat

Happy Lunar New Year!!!


There are do’s and don’ts before and during the New Year.

Do’s before or during the New Year:

Before the New Year:

  1. Completely clean your house to get rid of all the cluttering, dust, throw out the old to welcome the new
  2. Get a new outfit and new hair cut
  3. Lots of red color – red outfit, decorate your house in red, orange or gold 
  4. Pay off your debt
  5. Food:  
  • Orange to bring good luck
  • Fish symbolizes abundant
  • Noodle symbolizes longevity

Decorate with Flowers (which symbolize wealth and prosperity)

  • Peach and plum blossom  symbolize good luck  
    Kumquat plants symbolize prosperity & happiness  
    Chrysanthemum symbolizes good health & longevity  

During the New Year:

  1. Grandparents, parents, married couple or older relatives hand out red envelop with money to young children or unmarried sister or brother… 
  2. Loud red firecrackers to chase evils away
  3. Open windows and/or doors to bring in good luck

12 Don’ts on the 1st day of the New Year

  1. Don’t clean your house (why? it was a belief that you would sweep away money and good luck
  2. don’t do laundry (why?  the god of water was born on Chinese New Year Day.  Washing your clothes on the New Year Day would be insulting to the God of Water)
  3. don’t wash/ cut your hair  (Why? you would be washing or cutting away prosperity)
  4. don’t cry (why? you will sad for the whole year)
  5. don’t buy shoes (why?  shoes in Chinese is “Hai” like releasing your breath which interprets as a premonition of something bad).  Others are saying that the word shoes in Chinese means evil.
  6.  don’t eat rice porridge or meat (why?  eating rice porridge in the morning would prevent your from getting rich)
  7. don’t use bad words/ don’t get into an argument/ raise your voice (why?  it will bring bad luck to you through out the year)
  8. don’t go inside someone’s bedroom (why?  it’s bad luck)
  9. don’t wear black and white clothes (black and white color are considered unlucky… for that reason Chinese people would wear red outfit on new year’s day.  Red brings good luck)
  10. don’t break anything (why?  premonition of something bad is going to happen to your family.. i.e. family break up, divorce or death)
  11. don’t use sharp object (why?  sharp object would chop off your good luck)
  12. don’t let anyone borrow your money  (why?  people may come and barrow your money through out the year.  If you borrow someone’s money, you may never get out of debt)
  • Don’t talk about death.  It will bring you bad luck.
  • Don’t buy books.  The word book in Chinese means “lose”

(cr. this picture to

**** NOTE:  this is for fun reading.  Use your own discretion reading the above don’ts ****


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