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Bie, Noona & Love scenes in Jud Rak

Love scenes… in Jud Rak…

Bie… how’s Jud Rak?
Bie... “At the beginning, we were told that it’s a romantic comedy. We had a lot of fun with episode 1 & 2… after a while, p’Boy came to direct all the filming himself. Fun story slowly became more dramatic 😀 but it’s still a romantic comedy.  You will see everything in Jud Rak… fun, crazy, touching, sad, teary,  you name it everything is there”.

What about love scene(s)?
Noona… “I would consider my love scene a kindergarten level. University level would be between that couple”  😀

Bie... “mine… there were causes and reasons for them” 😀

Paeng… “I am honored to have a chance to co-star with a superstar of Thailand. Like Noona said my love scene is a university level”   😀



Bie… “the plan is to finish filming by the end of March. We are working hard to get it done.”

Because you have to leave…
Bie… Yes, I will be leaving the beginning of April. So, I am trying hard to get all the filming done in March. That way, I would have a short free time to prepare for the trip.”

… Jud Rak is quite modern and new for Thai TV drama industry. Please stay with us… it’s a lot of fun.  You will see everything.  There are many great actors and actresses in this lakorn as well.”



Jeab Sopidnapha, producer gave an update on Jud Rak.

Jeab Sopidnapa… So far, we completed around 90% of filming. We are currently working on the last 10% which are the climax of the story. We plan to finish filming in a month and a half.

Today, we are filming engagement and wedding scene between Pat and Node.  It’s a traditional Thai wedding ceremony. I told Bie about it since he has never done it before. Everyone is excited.”


CD Guntee, Jeab Sopidnapa, Bie Sukrit & Paeng Ornjira

Do you have any problem with Bie, specailly with his schedule?
No, there’s never a problem with Bie. We got full participation from everyone. With Bie, if we need him 4 days, he is here 4 days. No problem whatsoever. He is always on time.  Sometime, he would come early or stay late to help out, etc… He is very cute and we know each other for a long time. As far as his schedule, we all know and he knows that he has to leave by a certain date.”

How is he at the set?
Depends… if we were doing dramatic scene or fighting scene, he would look serious.  Bie, Paeng, Noona & CD… they all know each other well.  When the work is done for the day, most of the time they would sit down and sing together. This group like to sing and play guitar. It’s a lot of fun.”

party time...

party time…







source:  News & Photo by News Plus

Behind the Scenes from Jud Rak 


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  1. Malie BIFC
    March 4, 2015
  2. Malie BIFC
    March 4, 2015

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