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How Bie Sukrit prepare for his toughest job

It’s getting closer and closer to WATERFALL, are you nervous/ excited?

Bie… “At the moment, no. But when I see the stage and when it gets closer to the day of the performance, I will be. “

Your English pronunciation
Bie... “So far, I have reached their standard.  2 years ago, when I was there for the audition… I did poorly.  They asked…” what was that?… your pronunciation is awful. You need to go back and improve your English big time.”

photo by News Plus

photo by News Plus

“I was even given a notice that if I could not meet their standard, I would not get the job. It would be too risky for the production.  

I study and practice  my English very hard (6-8 hours a day, 5-6 days a week).  So far, I have reached their standard. But then, the cast over there are way over the standard.  I will give it my best shot.”

Pressure since the rest of the cast are over the standard?
Bie… “Some… not that much. I was being straight forward with them.  I said whatever I have, I give it all to this project.  It is at the max of my ability… Is it acceptable to you? Can you accept this?    

I did not give up nor back down on my task. I work very hard both in Thailand and abroad. I do my homework and turn them in to you on a consistent basis for your review and for you to see how I am progressing. If you think I have made a good progress and you think I can do it… we will move forward.  But if you think it’s still not good enough and I can’t do it… tell me and I’ll go home.”

Right now, I am preparing myself as much as I can possibly do while I am in Thailand. When we have the script, I read and memorize the script. We do test performances with p’Boy as director. Music – when music sheets were sent over, I practice my singing. I attend additional acting class. I watch American films to learn about their acting. I take additional dance classes… i.e. jazz, theater dance, etc… I have done an all around training and train hard in almost every field/ courses that are available for me to do in Thailand. I want to be well prepared.   I want to avoid a major set back when I go over there.  Necessary adjustment/ add here and there would be my preference. “

How Bie turn in his homework…

Bie… Every time a change is made to the script or song… I would record my test performance and sent them a video clip of my singing to get their feedback.  We have been doing this continuously.  The American team are very straight forward with their comments.  They would tell me… “your energy level is too low here… well done here… don’t drag your voice here… you used wrong words here… your emotion is off here, etc…”  

I have been working on this project for over two years now.  I still have the 1st and original script.  When I compared current version of the script to the original one, oh goodness… it’s totally a different story.” 


recording Bie’s homework… khun Boy, Bie and Bie’s voice instructor


  • Taukmun banteung 02.25.15 (see below)
  • Nine Entertain 11.21.14

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  1. Malie BIFC
    March 5, 2015


  2. Malie BIFC
    March 5, 2015

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