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Emily Padgett on WATERFALL and Bie Sukrit

WATERFALL “… is based on a Thai novel. I’m the only Caucasian person in the show- everyone else is Asian. It’s beautiful. It’s very lush. It’s about an American woman who marries an older Thai attache.

He brings her to Japan and she ends up having a love affair with this younger Thai student, who is played by Bie Sukrit. He is this amazing superstar in Thailand. He’s a recording artist and he does movies and TV shows. He’s so lovely in helping me with pronouncing things and I’m trying to help him with his English.

Our director is from Thailand as well, so it’s very authentic with the culture. The music is so beautiful. I think it’s going to be amazing.” – Emily Padgett

news clipping

news clipping:  click on the picture to enlarge

Emily Padgett in “Side Show,” is one of the actresses eligible for best actress nomination for the Tony Award. Tony nominations will be announced on April 28.  Winners will be announced on June 7.


Emily Padgett and Erin Davie as conjoined twin sisters in a musical revival “Side Show”


Emily Padgett and Bie Sukrit at WATERFALL rehearsal on April 15, 2015

Emily Padgett & Bie Sukrit (photo by Bie Sukrit)

(photo by Bie Sukrit)

April 16, 2015

by Bie Sukrit

photo by Bie Sukrit


One comment on “Emily Padgett on WATERFALL and Bie Sukrit

  1. pam sourivong
    April 17, 2015

    Bie and Emily such a nice couple. Can’t Wait I will see bie.

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