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By Malie Bifc USA

Behind the Scenes from Jut Rak Viva Luang

We can no longer upload anything Jut Rak on youtube 😦 This is how we are going to watch it from now 

Jut Rak

Jut Rak

I will sub the most recent trailer shortly. Stay tune… 


5 comments on “Behind the Scenes from Jut Rak Viva Luang

  1. Fujia69
    May 24, 2015

    Thank you Malie.
    I waiting with my breath stopped to watch and I can wait anymore.
    I’ll wait your news and your subbing trailer…
    Thank God that you are here for us!
    Have a wonderful day.

    • Malie BIFC
      May 24, 2015

      Bie said July… so hopefully, it’s the next batch of channel One lakorn.

      Maybe they are waiting for Bie to go back home before they put it on air. He should be home in July… which is perfect timing for Jut Rak’s air time in July.

      This way he can release and promote his new single/ OST at the same time. (just my thought :D)

      It’s very odd that channel One on youtube don’t upload anything to do with Jut Rak. Or they uploaded a clip and would come back to remove it. Good think I downloaded a copy of the trailer before they removed it.

    • Malie BIFC
      May 24, 2015

      thanks, Fujia69… you, too… have a great day

      • Fujia69
        May 25, 2015

        You’re welcome Malie.
        Blessed day, happy life.

  2. Hường Còi
    May 25, 2015

    Thanks sis so much sis Malie, all your clip are so great! Hope Bie comeback home before Jatt ruk on air ( I really like name Jatt ruk more than Jatt ruk viva luang 😀 – my personnally, 555)

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