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Jud Rak Press Conference & Bie’s Interview

At the press conference on July 14, 2015, OneHD channel announced 2 lakorn for their next air time slot:  

1.  Jud Rak Viva Luang staring Bie Sukrit and Noona Nuengthida to be on air on July 23, 2015 taking over from Roy Lae Sanae Rai.

2.  Tawan tud Burapa staring Pong Nawat, Son Yok, Paeng Goh & Mo to be on air after Ban Lhung Mek.

Bie and Noona each sang OST from Jut Rak live on stage.  Bie sang “Mun Plae Wa Rak” (It Means Love).  

Noona sang “Thang-thang Tee Kwan Harm Jai” (Should Have Restrained My Heart)

Bie met the press towards the end of the event:

Bie at JR press conf. 071415

“I just came back to Thailand earlier this month. I went home to visit my parents in Chiangmai and stayed with them for a while.

Bie with his dad

Bie with his dad (phot by biesukrit_w)

Today is the 1st day of my returning to work. I will be in Thailand for about 2 months before flying to Seattle in late August for rehearsal. It’s a one month rehearsal before the real performance. There will be about 30 performances in Seattle.
While I was working there, I missed home so much. Since I have been selected for the job. I have to do it. This also is an opportunity of a life time… It’s really up to me whether I want to live up to it.

Why performing in Seattle?
It’s Broadway’s rule and process to perform in cities outside of Broadway before going Broadway. The purpose of that process is to see how the musical is received by the audiences… Will the audiences like the musical?… Do we have quality performers? etc… If everything is ready, we will move toward Broadway.

As far as my English is concerned, it’s ok when I joke around but for a real conversation, I still stumble along. I have no problem with the screenplay, I know them by heart.

took his mom out... (phot by biesukrit_w)

took his mom out… (phot by biesukrit_w)

Some critics said they were not impressed with the performance but more impressed with the set and background scenes
Bie… “The set and background were really beautiful. Maybe they focussed too much on the set and forgot about us?  🙂  All of us performers did our best and gave everything we had to our performances. I was not the only actor on stage. Many actors and actresses have done works on Broadway before.
If you asked whether I stressed out about those criticism I would say they are not in my head. I did my best and gave everything I had to every performance.

Were my feeling hurt by those comments? not at all. When I performed on stage, my goal is for the audiences to enjoy the performance. When people like and enjoy the performance, I take them as encouragement to keep me moving forward. 

When we go to Seattle, I’ll have a new leading lady. The American team over there is quite meticulous about this. They will try out different people before selecting the best.

Before taking a flight out of country again, I am leaving fans with a song “Mun Plae WA Rak” (It Means Love), an OST from Jud Rak Wiva Luang.  Actually, I have recorded a few songs in advance…  but we have to wait for the boss to say when would be the appropriate time to release the song(s). I re-affirm to you that I will not throw away my music because it’s something that I love. Singing is my happiness.”

Bie admitted that he lost 10’s millions of baht by coming to work in the US… 

Because of his work in the US, in Thailand Bie had to turn down offers to perform at events, product presenters or TV Commercials… which would have brought him over 10’s of million baht of income.

Bie… “If you asked whether I have any regrets… deep down inside… yes, a little but then again when I go to the temple and listen to Buddha’s teaching… we can’t always take… we have to give sometimes.   When it’s time to give back and make sacrifice for others, we should do it.  If working on the project and the project reaches Broadway bring good name to our country… sacrifice should be a good thing to do.”



2 comments on “Jud Rak Press Conference & Bie’s Interview

  1. Fujia69
    July 16, 2015

    Thank you very much Malie, I’ll wait the englisch version…
    Have a Blessed day!

  2. nsodaneth
    July 17, 2015

    Thanks for translation! U’re always the best, Malie 🙂 hope bie will be successful with his broadway project.

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