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[VDO]: Judrak Viva Luang, Episode 1

Epi 1, part 1:

Short Summary of Epi 1, part 1

Node and Pat started dating 3 years ago after they met at a game show. Back then Pat was just a new and an aspiring actress.  Node has been there by her side supporting her until she became a superstar.  After they announced that they are going to get married.  They became even hotter as a couple. Many businesses, corporations want them to represent their products or make appearance on their events.

 As a couple who are about to get married, they landed a TV commercial with Coffee Couple.

Meet the press:

Reporters: Pat, are you going to have a baby right away after you get married?
Pat: after the wedding? I just accepted offers to do two lakorns… I will be working 7 days a week… I will be too tired… No, I am not ready for baby, yet…
Reporter: what about you, Node?
Node: yes?
Reporter: Pat said she has lots of work to do… will be too tired and no time for baby
Node: who me? Pat will be ok. I am the one who is going be tired 😀

Judrak scene
Reporters: Huh??????
Node: having baby… we have to plan it out so we won’t  be too tired 😀

Node was so happy a boy came to ask him for an autograph.
Pat: that was not funny!
Node: so odd, you used to laugh at my joke
Pat: sometime, I pretended
Node: such a superstar (attitude)
Pat: Yes, that’s right! think of my face before you cracked any joke in front of reporters!
Node: I am not an actor.  I can’t fake my feelings in front of people
Pat: you don’t have to be an actor to fake your feeling as long as your inner feeling is there!
Node: dinner?
Pat: No!  inner not dinner!Judrak scene004
Node: People when they don’t love one another, no matter what you do, how you act… it is not going to look real
Pat: Node, it’s not like I didn’t try… But it was because of you!  you always worked and never had time for me. That’s why we have to break up. But it doesn’t mean that I don’t love you.
Node: I am sorry
Pat: Get it?! people will believe if we put our mind into it and our inner is there. Even you! you almost believed that I still loved you

Pat’s personal manager came to tell them that they just got a one year contract with Inspired Furniture. A 17 million baht contract as a couple.  Node’s cut is 5 million baht .  Node said he doesn’t want to sign any long-term contract.  He wants out!

Pat: Node, think about it. You are a no name cartoonist. You will never make this much money on your own if it is not because for me, Pat Saengrawee.Judrak scene005
Node: I still won’t do it!
The three girlfriends… 
June’s boyfriend was cheating on her while she was out-of-town. She saw him with another girl when she came to see him and brought him some food.

Judrak scene006
June’s boy friend: You are so stupid. Go home! get out of here!
June:  You said I….
BF: Yes, and I am so sick of you following me around!
June: you are?
BF: want to break up?
June: what?
June: here are the food I brought you!
BF:  You are crazy!

Judrak scene007

Episode 1, part 2

Node, Pat and Honey (Pat’s manager) have dinner with Ging-gaew, the head of Inspired Furniture.

Judrak scene008Node and Pat as a couple of the year meet the furniture’s advertising concept. Pat told them that their wedding is in 3 months.

Ging-gaew, the owner of Inspired Furniture said “in that case, as a wedding gift, Inspired Furniture will to remodel and make it the most beautiful newly-wedded home for both of you”.

Furthermore, Ging-gaew said she is very happy to be working them and people who worked with them in past, stayed for many years. Node was not too happy withe news! 

Cheers! Node held up a glass of water.

Judrak scene010
Node: “I am driving”.  
Node drove Pat home…
Node and Pat actually broke up 2 months ago… but continue the charade as a loving couple for business/ financial purpose.
Node: “Pat… do we really have to get married?”

Judrak scene012
Pat: “what is it now?! just get it done and over with. We are getting lots of new contracts as a couple right now… when things
slow down, we can get a divorce. I thought we agreed. Why? what’s the problem?”
Node: “But it’s going to be very difficult…”

Judrak scene014
Pat: “What is so difficult? Don’t you remember those feelings… back when we used to love each other?”
Pat: “drive home carefully, Node…”
In the car, Node’s reflection of the past… and wrote… “it’s really finished”

Judrak scene016
Node drove home…
His mom attended a conference and was not at home…
Node: “celebrating all the time that’s why our company never make profit!
Yo revealed to Node that there is a buyer of their “Muay Thai” cartoon.

Judrak scene018
Yo: “Had a fight with Pat?… Node, you have to think it this way… that you and Pat are together for business purpose. Therefore, don’t mix personal with business… that way you won’t be miserable”

Judrak scene017
Node: “I don’t want to be miserable but it’s hard when we have to see each other everyday…”
Yo: “as long as the bell has not rung… you have to get up! and keep on fighting! but never give up! … just like the kid in Muay Thai!
Node: “as long as the bell hasn’t rung” that’s right! … in that case, we have to celebrate!
At June’s Agency
Node: “Pat, you make all the final decision related to the wedding, why did you ask me to come with you?”
Pat: “Do you understand the word “acting”?
Node: “you mean fake”?
June and her co-worker commented on Inspired Furniture Ad
June: “So sweet… couple of the year! BS! so in love… it would be so funny if they broke up!  so admirable! the most outstanding couple!  when they are in love, the whole world has to know!
Waen: “what’s matter with you? since you had your heart broken, you piss off at everything”
June: “what? who said my heart was broken? my current status  is “complicated”.   Eventually, he will come back “
Waen: “Come back? stop hallucinating, will you?”
June: “why can’t I side with myself for once? Just look at them… you really think anyone in real life would be this sweet to each other? the man is just a regular cartoonist… one look at him and I know right away that he is riding on her coat tail to make name for himself! … and just look at his face! I confirm to you that he is… a playboy! sneaky, a schemer! and a faker!
Kim (June’s boss) came out to greet Node…
Kim: “it’s an honor to have your trust in our company …”

Judrak scene020
Kim made the introduction:
“Pat and Node… no need for the induction… Honey, Pat is personal’s manager. Waen is a coordinator and June is our project manager.  As I told you two before that our company has a big project coming and that is Pat and Node’s
wedding.   June and Waen will handle this project together.”
Pat & Node: “Nice to meet you…:

Judrak scene021


8 comments on “[VDO]: Judrak Viva Luang, Episode 1

  1. Zer
    July 24, 2015

    I like the first episode so far. There were a lot of funny parts and scenes. ^_^ I noticed this lakorn has way more touching and kiss scenes than most lakorns that I’ve watched and it really surprised me. O_O I love the end of the first episode. SPOILER – Khun June slapping Khun Node by accident because Node’s friend was the one to touch her butt. LOL!!! I was laughing so much at that part. I absolutely LOVED Bie’s face expression after he got slapped. His face expression was like, “What did I do???” HAHAHA…..but thanks for sharing the videos. If only they provided Eng subs.

    • Malie BIFC
      July 24, 2015

      yeah, agree… they would have to change the rate in this lakorn 😀
      I was quite surprised to see all those hot kisses. Pat can change her feelings so fast confusing Node and me 🙂

      I have lots of stuff to do right now… can’t commit to another long term project. When I start working on something, I have to finish it otherwise I can’t start a new one. If I did, I would not be able to finish the one I already started.

      I can type up short summary of each clip if it would help

      • silvi
        July 24, 2015

        Thank you so much Malie for the recap. I’m looking forward for your recap on other clips. Can’t wait! thank you for your help, I can understand the drama much better. Love to see Bie and Noona together. They are a perfect cute couple ever 🙂

      • Zer
        July 25, 2015

        Oh yes, that would help a lot. If it’s not too much of your time, it would be helpful and greatly appreciated!!! If you can’t, that’d be fine too. =) Thanks for posting up the part 1 summary for this episode. It helped. ^_^ Can’t wait for Ep. 2 next week.

      • Malie BIFC
        July 25, 2015

        that was just part 1 of Episode 1… 3 more to go 🙂

  2. nsodaneth
    July 24, 2015

    Thanks for this small recap. I can understand it a bit better now.

  3. Its_kae
    July 24, 2015

    I’m obsessed with Biena!! Been counting down the days and it’s finally here. I don’t understand Thai just watching it raw. Your summary helps a tons. I’ll definitely stay tuned. Thank you so much!! If anyone know where I can find the recap to the Lakorn please lemme know. Better yet, with eng subtitles that would make my world.

  4. sanda
    July 25, 2015

    Thanks a lot.

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