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By Malie Bifc USA

[update]: Bie Sukrit… is on his way to Seattle, WA.

WATERFALL at the 5th Avenue Theater

by biesukrit_w

by biesukrit_w

Aug. 26, 2015 … Bie reporting from Seattle

biesurit_w: The 1st Starbuck in the world in Seattle #reporting to work #got here safe and sound :)

biesurit_w:  “The 1st Starbuck in the world in Seattle #reporting to work #got here safe and sound :)”

Morning of 8/25/15 (Thailand time) – Bie checked in @ BKK Airport

photo by one-lakorn

photo by one-lakorn

Giving interviews…

talked to the media

(Photo by Bojang)

Bie fans in Thailand gave him an early birthday cake since he won’t be in Thailand on his birthday 09/04.

big birthday cake

big birthday cake

Reading the poem before cutting the cake….

biesukrit_w:  It’s time to depart Thailand… to work in a far away land.  Thank you all for the encouragement and for an early birthday cake.  Soon, I will return and we can have fun together again # our life is short… we should choose to do good things and things that make us happy. Fight!!!!!”

Bie's post before he left...

Bie’s post…

News clip:

Nine Entertain

TV Pool

Bie is coming to Seattle on August 25, 2015.  He will be in Seattle for another big rehearsal and meet the rest of the cast.  He will be there till the end of October 2015.


photo by happymummy (08/24/15)

***Bie’s personal manager asked fans in Thailand not to hand him any gift(s) at the airport since he will not be able to board the airplane with them.


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