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Scenes from WATERFALL a new musical….

Scenes from WATERFALL provided by the 5th Avenue Theatre.

“No One Will Know” by Bie Sukrit and Laura Griffith 




cultural show

cultural show

touring of Japan...

showing Katherine around town…

Noppon and Katherine at a party

Noppon and Katherine at a party

Noppon & Katherine

visiting Mitake Waterfall…

they dance...

they dance…

they kiss...

they kiss…



Kathering saw Noppon with Pree, his fiance

Kathering saw Noppon with Pree, his fiance

Katherine and the ill Chao Khun...

Katherine and the ill Chao Khun…

Kobori? :)

somewhere in there is Kobori? 🙂

Parp heng kwam lung...

Parp heng kwam lung…

waterfall seattle 1036

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5 comments on “Scenes from WATERFALL a new musical….

  1. Wes
    October 22, 2015

    Just saw him in the HORRENDOUS “Waterfall” in Seattle. One of the worst things I’ve ever seen in my life. The banal and uncomfortably saccharine production is so ill-thought out and simplistic, one could honestly believe that it was written on cocktail napkins during a 12 hour flight.
    Speaking of cocktail napkins, the story itself reads a bit like “Drunk History,” Thai-style. Historical inaccuracies abound, and attempts at edginess fall flat. The set is impressive, if not garish and overdone. The score includes such hum alongs as “I am not Thai,” and “America will break your heart.” The second one caused me to throw up briefly in my mouth.
    The dialogue is stilted, and it quickly becomes painfully evident that Sukrit has merely memorized words, and doesn’t understand their meaning. He’s a one-dimensional actor with a pretty voice—that’s not enough for musical theater.
    Thankfully, this piece of garbage show will be put down on Oct 25, and stands 0.00% chance of going to Broadway—much less the local dinner theater.
    Conserve water. Skip this waterbomb.

    • Malie BIFC
      February 17, 2016

      Finally, I have a chance to response to your comment. It’s long over due. Saw both of your comments.
      Sorry to hear that WATERFALL was not to your liking nor taste. One thing I don’t understand is why such hatred of WATERFALL? so many hateful words in your comments. Did you ever see a bad movie? one would just laugh about it and move on, wouldn’t one? Life is too short… why dwell on hatred?

      If your comment was a little more constructive, it would be a lot more beneficial for the production team. I could post it for khun Boy or Bie. Better yet, why don’t you post your comment directly on khun Boy Takonkiet’s IG? I am sure he wants to hear from the audiences

      Come… don’t be so mean spirited. If WATERFALL has potential to go Broadway, let it be. They have my support. Whether they will go Broadway or not, I’ll let the experts decide.

  2. Jeanne Baker
    November 9, 2015

    After having seen the history making Broadway bound musical Waterfall 15 times, I can’t wait to see it again on Broadway in NYC 2016!

    The sets are more than esthetically pleasing, having been hand-built at the California state theater, the Pasadena Playhouse. Rather than following the contemporary standard of today, in which many plays and musicals rely heavily on digital projection methods, Waterfall combines true craftsmanship with modern techniques to create a stunning effect of sheer beauty.

    The costumes are true to the time period providing an additional treat when the traditional Thai Hanuman dancers appear wearing original Thai dress. They dazzle us, capturing our imaginations as they take our minds into the wonders and mysteries of the far east.

    The dancing could not be better, having been choreographed by the very successful Tony Award winning Choreographer Dan Knechtges. His work in Waterfall combines both Eastern and Western styles, his collaboration compliments the David Shire musical score without hesitation.

    David Shire’s musical talent shines once again. After his lengthy career of 56 years, he has again produced a musical score that carries the audience through the range of emotions that this moving story portrays.

    Richard Maltby’s brilliant lyrics are spot on, with every word, sentence and meaning not missing a beat. The lyrics and music carry the audience from outright laughter to teary eyed moments as the story easily unfolds.

    The theme of forbidden love carries across all cultures without exception. The main characters, Nappon and Katherine, portray this universal love story in Waterfall with absolute beauty and grace reflecting the true nature of Thai culture.

    Laura Griffith’s delivery in both her singing and acting is without flaw. Thom Sesma is the perfect Chao Khun Atikarn, the Thai Ambassador, playing his part with measured excellence. Lisa Helmi Johanson plays Fumiko the Japanese American caught between two worlds, adding an undeniable brilliance. Bie Sukrit as Nappon successfully portrays the innocent yet maturing young man born with a destiny. He convincingly reminds us of our own youthful attempts at controlling highly charged emotions, as we weave our way through the early stages of life, when we experience first love.

    Waterfall reminds both the American and Thai audiences of the longstanding friendship that both countries have enjoyed for over 197 years. Our two countries continue to share mutual respect, admiration and fascination as this Musical strengthens our cultural bridges of acceptance and understanding.

    Jeanne Baker, A.H.A. Travel

    • Malie BIFC
      November 11, 2015

      Thank you Jeanne for a great-great review and writing. WATERFALL is beautifully described. You pulled me into the web of WATERFALL with your words. So sad that I was not able to make it to LA nor Seattle 😦 but I will not miss it again when it goes BROADWAY!

      You saw WATERFALL 15 times WOW! You have my bow.
      Thanks again, Jeanne.

  3. Sumnou Sindhurat
    November 28, 2015

    I do agree with Jeanne Baker after have seen only five times at 5th Avenue Theater,Seattle. The show changed a lot compared to what i have seen at Pasadena Playhouse. And it is a perfect one .Will see again when it goes Broadway.

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