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By Malie Bifc USA

Update: New Lakorn

In the making @ OneHD channel

Paragit Leekid Huajai

Starring Vill Wannarot & Sean Jindachot, produce by Aom Phiyada

Vill wannarot002

Vill wannarot

Vill Wannarot as Jaravee 


starring Mew Lalita, Tang Sacksit and more


Currently on air:

Rachinee Morlum – Noona Nuengthida vs. Nike Nithidon

rachinee morlum noona

“Tae Pang Gorn” Vill vs. SonYoke


Tae pang gorn

Vill & Son Yok

Coming soon:

Game Maya – Jui vs. DJ Push, Beem, etc…

Game Maya 1


Sa Hakaen Saen Rak: Vill vs. Nike Nithidon

SanHakaen Saen rak


Pitsaward –  Nune Worranut vs.Pong Nawat

Nune as Ubon, a ghost who had waited over 240 years to avenge her death… the person who killed her was the same one whom she loved most… she wanted an answer!


my review: 4.5/5 (one or two important characters were not credible enough.  But Pong was perfect as the man of the past.  Nune was perfect as a ghost from the past and present.

Wai Saeb Sa Laek Kard วัยแสบสาแหรกขาด from TV3.  It’s a very good lakorn, good acting and good story line.  It’s a lakorn for parents with children and teenagers. 

Wai Saeb


5 comments on “Update: New Lakorn

  1. Malie BIFC
    November 29, 2015


  2. Malie BIFC
    November 29, 2015

    Rachinee Morlum

  3. Malie BIFC
    January 13, 2016

    Anyone looking for good lakorn to watch… “Tam Rak Kheun Jai” (Nadech and Mew) is very good lakorn and fun to watch. Mew did a great job. I like her character.

  4. Cori Swars
    August 12, 2016

    Tae Pang Gorn, one of my favorite lakorn. This day, all the remakes were super suck. Hoping they not ruining the beautiful storyline AND song.

    • Malie BIFC
      August 14, 2016

      Mine, too. My fav version was the one with Ann & Sornram. OST – yeah, I wonder what they are going to do with the songs. The old songs were written/ belonged to another music company. They will have to buy the rights to use the songs or write new ones. Will be interesting to see. I trust khun Sant, the director of this version of Tae Pang Gorn. He is doing a super job with Pitsaward. He also directed Khu Kam with Bie and Noona. I am sure he will do a wonderful job with Tae Pang Gorn as well.

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