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New Lakorn: “You’re my Destiny” and “Tae Pang Gorn”

Today, August 22, 2016 marks the official opening ceremony day of two TV series, Exact Production.  Many actors and actresses were present at the ceremony.

new lakorn 2016

the ceremony

“You’re my Destiny” (a remake of Taiwan TV series)

lead by:  Bie Sukrit, Esther, Sherbelle, Tum, etc…

you're my destiny

Lead actor & actress:  Bie Sukrit & Esther

you're my destiny 5


“Tae Pang Gorn”

lead by:  Vill Wannarot, Son Yok, Toomtam, and more…

Vill Son Yuke W-horz

tae pang gorn





3 comments on “New Lakorn: “You’re my Destiny” and “Tae Pang Gorn”

  1. Thuydung Tran
    August 23, 2016

    Awesome Malie! Thank you so much for an update! Have a great night !

  2. Michelle
    October 19, 2016

    Thanks Malie for the update. Can’t wait for the drama 🙂

  3. Ar Yang
    March 27, 2017

    I couldn’t wait to watch Bie’s new lakorn. I watched some of Esther’s lakorn with other actors before, hope this lakorn will be exciting, because Bie is ours idol and cute actor, the more I watch the more I like him, so now I’m stock.

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