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Bie Sukrit & Esther Supreleela in “You’re my Destiny”

“You’re My Destiny”

Phawut, Vanida and Khaekhai’s lives are intertwined in tangle mess together.  Who’s fault was it?

Was it Phawut’s fault? –  Phawut, a successful business man so in love, so supportive and understanding of his long time girlfriend, Khaekhai.  He hoped to start a family with her someday.  At the same time,  in order to protect his empire that was built from scratched by his great-great grandfather, Phawut was pressured to get married and produce a heir. Phawut planned to propose to Khaekhai on a cruise chip.  Khaekhai never boarded the chip but turned around and left for New York to pursuit her career.  The night of disappointment and heart broken, that one fateful night, Phawut got a girl pregnant.

Was it Vanida’s fault? – Vanida, a simple girl leading a simple life, so naive and so trusting, a kind and good heart girl who always thinks of others first before thinking of herself.  A thought of hurting someone or something never crossed her mind, let alone stealing someone else’s love… On that one fateful night,  the effects of medications she took that night made her drowsy.  She entered a stranger bedroom by mistake and fell asleep on his bed.  At the end of the night, she was carrying his child in her womb.  From that fateful night, her life would change forever.

Was it Khaekhai’s fault for choosing career over love?.  Khaekhai is an aspiring ballerina.  She is determined to become a famous ballerina to fulfill her mother’s dream.   Phawut is the only man she ever loves and dates.  She trusted him and knew that he would be there waiting for her faithfully no matter how many times she broke her promises to him.  When her career suddenly ended due to injury, she came back to Phawut and asked him to keep the promise he gave.

you are my destiny011


Anyone had a chance to watch “You’re My Destiny” yet?

My review of the 1st two episodes:  two thumbs up!  Love it ♥  It’s a fun, loving and an enjoyable TV drama to watch.  Bie and Esther have great chemistry together.  I was skeptical at first but no more 🙂

Esther as Vanida is adorable and very convincing.  Great acting on her part!  Vanida leads a simple life, so trusting, always wants to help and has such positive views of everyone and everything.   She was raised in an old fashion and very strict family.  She came to work in a big city while her family lives on an island.  

Bie as Phawut is a young and successful business man who revived a losing family business until it became an empire.  Phawut is being pressure by his grandmother to find a wife and produce a heir to protect their empire.  His relatives are out to get him and his company.   Cherbelle took the role as KhaeKhai, Phawut’s girlfriend.  Khaekai is an aspiring ballet dancer, with hope and dream to land a leading role in a ballet company.   

Constant pressure to marry by his grandmother, Phawut planned to propose to Khaekhai on the Royal Caribbean Cruise Chip in Singapore.  Phawut ordered his secretary to make all the arrangement.  He then asked Khaekhai to join him.   Mean while, Khaekhai was auditioning for a leading role with a ballet company. When Khaekhai landed a supporting role, she turned it down and agreed to join Phawut on the cruise chip.  While boarding the cruise chip, Khaekhai’s dream came true.  She was offered a leading role of her dream with a ballet company in New York.  She called Phawut and told him the good news.  She hoped Phawut would understand and that she would make it to him one day.  Phawut was very disappointed and heart broken.  Khaekhai explained that this would be an opportunity of a life time and she couldn’t turn it down.  When Phawut told his grandmother that Khaekhai didn’t join him at the cruise chip, she questioned her love for him.  His secretary added… Khaekhai turned Phawut down the total of 12th times since they started dating.  

Vanida or Nid’s uncle and cousin owned a soap making company on an island.  According to Phawut, they missed managed the company and was about to go bankruptcy.  Phawut bought the company.   After taking over the soap company,  Phawut fired all of its employees including the management team. Phawut claimed their management style was outdated.  Production was too slow and couldn’t meet the demand.  Vanida’s uncle and cousin were furious with Phawut.  They try to find ways to con and corner Phawut into a re-negotiating table.  In fact, they hired a woman to entice Phawut into sexual act.  They planned to blackmail Phawut with sex video.  Things didn’t turned out as plan.  The woman with Phawut that night turned to be Nid (Vanida), their own niece!

(P.S. a few people tried to Eng Subtitle, the video was taken down due to copyrights 😦  

















2 comments on “Bie Sukrit & Esther Supreleela in “You’re my Destiny”

  1. kelly saephan
    November 3, 2017

    hey there malie its been a long time since i been on ur blog. so how u liking bies new lakorn? i really like it there cute together dont u think?

    • Malie BIFC
      November 21, 2017

      Hi Kelly. My new baby niece’s name is also Kelly 🙂 She is 10 months old. “You’re my destiny” – I love it!!! enjoy watching it a lot.
      Sadly, there are only 3 episodes left. Wonder if Phawuth is going to die. Hope, not…

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