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By Malie Bifc USA

“Chai mai jing ying tae”

“Chai Mai jing ying tae”  starring Mai Davika & Ter Chantawit is so funny.   Mai Davika takes the role of Chin, a girl disguised as transgender.

Rin (Mai Davika) worked for a direct sales company.  Company’s sales skyrocketed the first  month of her employment!  She received an award and was promoted to a Sales Manager position in a very short time.   Rin was so proud of herself.  Life was so good! To celebrate her success, she went out and shop.  She bought her herself a brand new car.  Before she even got a change to take her new car home, she found out that she no longer had a job.  Her direct sales company was being sue for fraud.   The owners of the company skipped town.  Rin is unemployed and has no money.  In addition, her mother called and asked Rin to send money home asap or else they would lose their house due to defaults on loan.  Rin needed to get a job quickly.  She was desperate.  She met Kane (Ben Chalatit) who also lost his job.  He had no money even to buy food.  When Kane fainted on the street, Rin came to his rescue but lost her wallet in the process.  Kane found Rin’s wallet.  He spent all of Rin’s money and lavished himself with fine food and drinks. After realizing that she might have lost her wallet while assisting Kane, Rin tracked him down.  Rin knocked him in the head for returning her an empty wallet.  Kane promised to pay Rin back.

When Kane saw a poster of Miss Queen Beauty contest, an idea of how to find money came to his mind.  He planned to inter the beauty contest.  He is confident that he will win.  Winner gets to take home 150,000 baht!  Kane’s friends and foes told Kane that he is out of his mind and should look himself in the mirror 😀  Yes, he has talent but he has no look! Kane pressured Rin to inter the contest.  Rin didn’t want to do it because she didn’t want lie to people about her real gender identity.  Kane brought up the money issue.  Finally, Rin agreed to do it just this one and for the money.  To protect Rin’s real identity, Kane changed Rin’s name to  Saranya Lertkanlaya or Chin.

Chin thought after the contest she would go back to her real life and no one would notice.  She was wrong.  As the winner of Miss Queen Beauty, Chin is required to take a lead role in a TV Drama called “Nang Gniu”.  The TV drama is directed by Park (Ter Chantawit), a famous action movie director. Park’s movie company is in financial crisis.  They need to land a job else they have to shut down the company.  For the survival of the company, Park grudgingly agreed to direct a romantic TV drama “Nang Gniu”.

Park was not happy with his job situation. He started berating everybody and complained about Chin’s acting ability.  His boss reminded him that he had to make it work for their survival.  He suggested sending Chin to acting class but they had no money.  The training job fell on Park.  He took additional responsibility as Chin’s acting coach. After working with Chin, Park started developing feelings for Chin.  Park was quite confused about his feeling for Chin…

phromh mai dai likit003

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