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Exact Sitcom updates

Happy New Year!!!

There are lots of interesting and good lakorn, and new sitcoms coming from Exact or One31 Channel in 2018.

Two sitcoms just ended: 

Soot rak choon la moon staring Bie Sukrit, Vill Wannarot, Kaew Jariya & Ticha.

How the story ended? – chef Pohng was offered a job as a chef at a Thai Restaurant in New York.  Pohng’s friend repaid the money he owned the three girls.  Pohng took the offer and moved to New York.  Before he left, he confessed to Looktarn (Vill Wannarot) that he had feelings for her.  Looktarn met up with Pohng in New York.  Khing and Soda continued to stay at the condo.  Soda has a boy friend named Lucas.  Khing is talking to a TV show host.  Everyone is happy.  The end 🙂

soot rak

(P.S.  it is still uncleared whether Soot Rak will come back for a 2nd second)

Rak Tae Mae Mai Preum staring Jade & Mo Monchanok.  The sitcom ended with baby Tawan.  Pat said he loved both his mom and wife (Parn).  It’s impossible for him to pick one over the other.  He would be the happiest man if both would work things out and get along so they could stay together as a complete family again.  Pat’s wife and mother tried to get along and disagree less for Pat and baby Tawan’ sake.  The end.

Four new sitcoms are coming in their place:

บ้านสราญแลนด์ Banh Saranh Land or Saraan land neighborhood.  Banh Saranh Land is about four different families (unrelated) living the same neighborhood.



1. Seuk Rak Karm Roa ศึกรักข้ามรั้ว – staring Pong Nawat and Noon Woranuch

Sranland seukrakkarm roa
2.  Soo Pharp Boo Root Soot Choy สุภาพบุรุษสุดซอย – staring R Annattapon, Tao Chadtapong, Mark Juthawoot, …

soo parp002
3. Chanee Nee Karn ชะนีหนีคาน – staring Bee Namthip, Ark and more…

4.  Rak Lon-lon Kon Tem Banh รักล้นๆคนเต็มบ้าน – staring Noona Neuingthida, Pan Jan and more…

rak lon


Four new different sitcoms airing four days straight Monday to Thursday.  Seuk Rak Karm Roa will be on air starting Monday January 8, 2018 followed by Soo Parp Boo Root airing Tueday, January 9 and so on…




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