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3. PraJan See Roong

PraJan See Roong (the Rainbow Moon)

Year: 2008 

Starring:  Bie Sukrit, Aff Tarsaorn, Aof Phongphat, Jintara

Special attribute:  Prajansee Roong won Best Lakorn/ TV Drama of the Year from many award organizers.  Aof Phongphat also won Best Actor of the Year from Prajan See Roong.

pjsr cover


Bie Sukrit as Tawan  an orphan who was left to die by his mother, Orn.

Aff Taksaorn as Plaifah, a heiress, the only daughter of a wealthy family… rich and beautiful

Aof Phongphat as Arrak, a gay man, a former showgirl, too old to be on stage… found a baby left to die by its mother… saved the baby’s life and raised him as a son.

Jintara as Orn, Tawan’s biological mother… Orn hated her pregnancy and never wanted to have a baby.   She threw her new born child away and left it to die.  

Tao Charocha as Kaewa girl from a poor family.  Her parents sold her to sex trafficker.  Kaew escaped from captivity and asked Arrak to help.  Kaew stayed and helped raise Tawan for Arrak.  

Arrak found the baby still breathing by a pond.  He took the baby home and raised him.  Tawan met and fell in love with Plaifah while they were students at a university.  Plaifah’s parents did not approve of Tawan and forced Plaifah to marry Sasin.  Sasin was a womanizer.  He was fooling around with an actress while he was engaged to Plaifah.  Plaifah found out and broke up with him.  Plaifah became Tawan’s personal manager when Tawan became a singer.    

When Tawan became a superstar and made lots of money… Orn (his biological mother) wanted to take him back from Arrak.  After Tawan got into a car accident and lost his memory, Orn lied to him about Arrak.  She also painted a new background for Tawan.  She would do anything to separate Tawan from Arrak. 

**** (cr as shown on the photos)

Tawan and his father, Arruk

Tawan and his father, Arruk

Bie Sukrit as Tawan (sun)

Bie Sukrit as Tawan (sun)

Tawan as a bus boy @ a coffee shop

Tawan as a bus boy @ a coffee shop

Tawan as a bus boy

Tawan as a bus boy

Aff as Plaifah

Aff as Plaifah



Jintara as Orn, Tawan's biological mother

Jintara as Orn, Tawan’s biological mother



Plaifah & Tawan

Plaifah & Tawan when they  were still students

Tawan had an amnesia

Tawan had an amnesia

@ the hospital

@ the hospital

Plaifah and her parents

Plaifah and her parents

Arrak came to visit Tawan @ the hospital

Arrak came to visit Tawan @ the hospital


before Tawan's concert

before Tawan’s concert

Tawan took care of his dad after he had brain surgery

Tawan took care of his dad after he had brain surgery

the end

the end


10 comments on “3. PraJan See Roong

  1. Malie BIFC
    August 23, 2013

    Kaw Tohd (I am sorry) – OST from PJSR

    • sugarcane
      February 20, 2014

      These has to be one of my most favourite songs by Bie . Every time I watch and listen to Bie singing this song I can feel the sadness , the true love and guilt . His voice , the expression on his face , the music and lyric are well together and so beautiful .

      • fujia69
        February 20, 2014

        I feel like you, I’ve the song on my mp3 playng the whole day; but sad I don’t find the Lakor… Must weit a little longer till Malie (she is the best) sub it.

  2. fujia69
    January 18, 2014

    I’ll watch the Lakorn and than can I say something! I love Bie and love Aff.
    See if I can love them more.

  3. Jane Jane
    July 9, 2014

    cant’t find anylink to watch this. Do you have this, Malie. I want to watch

    • Malie BIFC
      July 11, 2014

      I don’t have it anymore. I subbed almost all of Bie’s lakorn except RAHR. My very first Bie’s lakorn channel with ENG Sub was deleted by youtube because of copyrights… I was shocked… almost in tears… 5 years of work was taken by GMM and youtube 😥

      • Jane Jane
        July 11, 2014

        You didn’t save that all clips on your computer or anywhere, did you? If GMM take it, we lost all 😦

      • Malie BIFC
        July 11, 2014

        I had very bad luck that year… two weeks after my youtube account was deleted. My computer crashed. I lost everything including my sub files. Clips – I still have my original recording from TV. I am ok with clips… got some of my sub files from people who downloaded them from my youtube channel before it was deleted.

        when I have more time… will re-sub PJSR again. I am too busy during the summer 🙂 too many things to do.

  4. Emily
    September 21, 2014


  5. sanda
    February 25, 2015

    please resubb this lakorn. i was able to find hua jai sila with english subtitles, but i couldn’t find this one anywhere.

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