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* Ruk-Jub-Jai, the musical (2012)

RAK-JUB-JAI  [Love Touches (my) Heart], the romantic musical (2012)

  • Type:  a romantic stage musical
  • Directed by:  Takonkiet Viaran
  • Produced by:  Scenario Production
  • Performance:  June 28, 2012 – 15 July 15, 2012
  • Starring:  Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew and Noona Nuengthida Sophon with Gam Wichiyani, Ooth Pentor, Wichuda Pintam & Pinta


BIE SUKRIT as Sun Phanu or Neuah, a hot superstar.  

Sun in Ruk-Jub-Jai

Sun Phanu,  an Asian superstar

Wichuda as Fah – Sun’s Personal Manager

Ooth Pentor as Nui – Sun’s best friend 

NOONA NUENGTHIDA as Vew.  When Vew was young, she and her parents got into a car accident.  Both of Vew’s parents were killed.  Vew lost her vision.  Vew has one elder sister and one adopted younger sister.

Gam Wichiyani as Voon – Vew’s elder sister

Pinta as Pao Pao – Vew’s younger sister

Voon, Vew and Pao Pao

Voon, Vew and Pao Pao


Sun Phanu is a superstar singer.  In the entertaining industry, he is well known as “the Trimester singer” because he never dated any girl more than three month.  He moves from one girl to the next.  Tired after work, Sun wanted to get something to eat.   He stop at a family restaurant.    Sun met Pao Pao, the youngest sister of the family.  Pao Pao recognized him as Sun, the superstar who she idolizes and hopes to become a successful singer like him.  Pao Pao told Sun that both of her sisters severely dislike celebrities and Sun should be careful around them.  

While Sun was eating his lunch, people in the restaurant started to gossip about him.  They referred to him a notorious womanizer, a playboy. Voon (Vew’s elder sister) talked about Sun in an irritated tone of voice… “he is not even handsome, he has pointed ears, two big teeth, one eye is smaller than the other, why girls like him is beyond me!”.  Sun quickly disguised himself with a hat and sun glasses.   Finally, Sun was left in the restaurant by himself.   As he was walking around, he accidentally bumped into Vew.  His disguise fell apart.  But to his surprise, Vew didn’t recognize him. He was surprised to find out that Vew was actually blind.  Vew helps her sister run her family restaurant without showing any sign of disability.   Vew started to talk to him and told him that she lost her vision in a car accident when she was young.  After her parents died in the car accident, Voon became the head of the family and raised Vew.  As a result, Voon is very protective of Vew.  Vew told Sun that her hope and dream is to be able to see again one day.  

One eye small, one eye large, pointed ears,...  I don't see anything handsome about him!

One eye small, one eye large, pointed ears,… I don’t see anything handsome about him!

Sun in disguised

Sun in disguised

Sun was quite impressed with Vew.  He never met anyone like her before.  Knowing that Vew hated singers, he introduced himself to Vew as Neuah (a name he came up with in that moment). Sun and Vew fell in love quickly.  Vew had another eye surgery.  She was scared and nervous.  Sun was there to comfort her.  He even helped Voon take care of her debt.  When Vew could see again, she realized that the person she hates the most is also the person she loves the most.  

Vew refused to listen to Sun’s explanation.  Sun was adamant to get Vew back.  He would do anything to get Vew to love him again. 

Sun & Vew

Sun & Vew



official poster



“Ruk Jub Jai” Love touches my heart by Bie Sukrit

“Kae lub ta” Only to close your eyes by Bie and Noona

Kham Tham Kong Kwarm Wai Jai” Questions of Trust byBie Sukrit

“Kon Derm Kong Ter” Your same old person by Bie Sukrit


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