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* [short film]: Lom Nao, 2010

Short Film:  Lom Nao ลมหนาว (Cold Wind) 

Date:  December, 2010

Starring:  Bie Sukrit and … Bie took the role a tribal man from the Northern part of Thailand.

Directed by:   Ngao Euthana Mukdasanit

Lom Nao is one of the multiple parts in the film “Pan Din Kawng Rao“.  Pan Din Kawng Rao (Our Kingdom) “แผ่นดินของเรา” was a film glorying and honor the King of Thailand upon his birthday.   It’s also to celebrate father’s day.  The film comprised of 7 short parts, directed by different movie producers and directors.

I will talk about Bie Sukrit’s part only which is called Lom Nao (Cold Wind).  

“Pan Din Kawng Rao”… part:  Lom Nao (Cold Wind)… starring Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew


On the hill top of a mountain, the hill-tribes changed from opium poppy cultivation to the planting of cold weather crops following his Royal highness the king’s project.  

Bie Sukrit as a tribal man from the Northern part of Thailand

Bie Sukrit as a tribal man from the Northern part of Thailand

with his elderly grandfather

with his elderly grandfather

talking to his elderly grandfather

talking to his elderly grandfather

A tribal man lives a life with happiness

going to work in the field early in the morning as usual

going to work in the field early in the morning as usual

fun games

join in with the games

singing with happiness

singing with happiness

working on his vegetable patches singing a song “Lom Nao” to his love who is picking flowers in the field close by…

breathing in fresh air

breathing in fresh air


enjoying the company

the women he loves

the women he loves

Both are in a dreamy world of love ….  ♥ ♥ ♥  with blooming flowers all over the field…

his love


the gift

showing her the gift

The young man decided to give an engagement token to the young woman… the young woman went quiet…


he thought she didn’t like his gift…

Finally, the young woman reaches out and touches the young man’s hand…


and accepted the gift

and accepts a token in the mist of cool air that filled with love and happiness…


after a long day of work at the field, they walk home together hand-in-hand…

 Once she accepted the engagement token, she has agreed to become his wife ♥


going home to family… with a full basket

A day to celebrate with fun games, laughter, singing and dancing…

the chase

the chase

you and me...

you and me…





classic black and white

classic black and white








Bie and his co-star…

Actual film:

Words from the film director, khun Ngao… 

Director of Lom Nao

Director of Lom Nao

Words from director of Lom Nao:  “this is the first time I work with Bie… Bie is a very nice young man and very talented” 

***  photo by  FOTOYUKEE*

Live performance of “Lom Nao” by Bie Sukrit, Dec. 2010


5 comments on “* [short film]: Lom Nao, 2010

  1. kayumy Bfc
    August 15, 2013

    Bie look very enjoy !

  2. latte38
    August 20, 2013

    Khun Nhao is a talented director. His work is great and he got so many awards.

    Euthana Mukdasanit (Thai: ยุทธนา มุกดาสนิท, born May 25, 1952) is a Thai film director and screenwriter. As a contemporary of Chatrichalerm Yukol, Euthana was among a group of directors that during the 1970s made films that focused on social problems.[1] Among his early efforts was the 1977 docudrama, Tongpan, which was initially banned in Thailand for its socialist themes.

    His 1984 film, Story of Nam Poo, was submitted as Thailand’s official entry to the Academy Awards. Butterfly and Flowers, an acclaimed drama set in Muslim-majority southern Thailand, was screened and won Best Film at the Hawaii International Film Festival in 1985. He also directed the remake of the 1965 musical comedy film, Ngern Ngern Ngern (Money Money Money), and the romantic drama Sunset at Chaophraya (1996).

    Euthana served as stunt coordinator and third-unit director on Chatrichalerm’s The Legend of Suriyothai, and he also works as an acting coach.

    He was awarded the Lotus Award for lifetime achievement by the World Film Festival of Bangkok in 2007.

    • Malie BIFC
      August 20, 2013

      thank you for sharing the info, Latte38 🙂 and welcome to BIFC blog… hope, you will come often…

      • latte38
        August 20, 2013

        Yes, I will visit your blog more often. I follow your informations from face book and must come here also 🙂
        Thanks for your sharing ss.

  3. BieandNoona
    June 18, 2015

    Based on the picture I am making a high assumption that this short film is based off of the Hmong tribe. I myself being Hmong can easily tell by the clothing and the festivities that are being shown. Please can some one agree with me or give me a little more info of what the story is really based on. I would to watch the film if it is avalible online, thank you in advanced:)

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