Bie Sukrit International Fan-club

By Malie Bifc USA

i. Welcome…

Welcome to Bie Sukrit International Fan-club (BIFC)

If you like/ love Bie Sukrit, or want to know more about him you are at the right place :)



This blog is dedicated to Bie Sukrit Wisetkaew who is my inspiration.  The blog is created for Bie’s international fans, Thai and non-Thai speaking fans.

  • I want to take this opportunity to thanks BFC in Thailand for sharing news, info, pictures or VDO clips of Bie from various functions.  Without you, international fans like us would not be able to follow him closely.
  • Most of the translated materials posted here are done by me.  If anyone wants to post or translate any of my English translated materials… as a courtesy please talk to me about it first.  There are certain materials that might not be appropriate to post outside of this blog.
  • I am happy to share my translation with Bie’s International fans… but I would ask for a full credit given to my English translation. I spent lots of time with LOVE and care on my translated works (even though it may not be perfect).

I am requesting that the translated materials be credit to: 

Malie Bifc@

  •  It makes me happy when people appreciate my work by talking to me first and by giving me a full credit when it’s due… just like Bie said “any award he receives, is an encouragement to keep going and keep doing good work”… for me, I don’t receive any award :))) but your appreciation and respect of my works are my reward… it’s a motivation to keep me translating…

I want to make this blog an enjoyable, fun and a happy place for everyone to come to.  I will do my best to keep everyone updated on Bie’s current schedule, news and work.


110 comments on “i. Welcome…

  1. Ar Yang
    February 26, 2017

    Hi Malie I been a fan of Bie in USA I enjoy listen to Bie songs, watches his shows or lakorn and learn how to speak Thai from watched Thai lakorns too. I asualy happen lived in Thailand for 2 years but never had chance to study, and just thanks for the new technology so people like me can learn little different languages around the world. Thank for your blog. Best wish for Bee’s future

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